LACChain EOSIO and Edenia

What we do with LACChain EOSIO

Our work as devs

Our work as devs

We have been working in partnership with the teams of EOS Argentina, LACChain (part of IDB Lab), and other relevant companies to build a blockchain network for Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Be part of the network

Be part of the network

LACChain EOSIO is constantly looking for partners and teams seeking a place to test their dApps and infrastructure. If you wish to collaborate and believe that you can add value to the network, contact us.

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Why work with us

We envision a great collaboration between the public and private sectors to build, test, and grow blockchain infrastructures and dApps in Latin America and the Caribbean. We developed a testnet and aim to build a mainnet in the near future.
• Experience building the testnet and mainnet.
• Involvement with key partners and community members.
• Leading discussions and communications.
• We have developed several dApps and tools for the network.

About Lacchain

LACChain EOSIO offers a blockchain public permissioned version of EOSIO technology-based network that integrates into LACChain. It enables developers and organizations to test their decentralized applications and infrastructure within a testing environment. LACChain EOSIO is developed by EOS Costa Rica and EOS Argentina, with the support of LACChain, a program of the IDB Lab (part of the Inter-American Development Bank) and others.
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