EOS and Edenia

What we do with EOS

Our work as devs

Our work as devs

We’ve participated in EOS since the launch of the blockchain. We have developed several tools and resources to help grow the community and actively participate as BPs.

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Add network diversity

Add network diversity

As one of the few EOS Block Producers in Latin America, we aim to add diversity to the network. Costa Rica is a country that offers many political, environmental, and social values that match EOS.

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Why work with us

We’ve been running nodes and infrastructure for the Bitcoin network for almost a decade. We were also the first company in Costa Rica to receive BTC as a payment method and manage the first BATMs (Bitcoin ATMs) in the country.
• Involvement in the EOS Mainnet since its genesis.
• Nodes in Costa Rica offer geographical and political diversity.
• Experience developing open-source dApps for the community.
• Good relationships and partnerships within the ecosystem.

Node Location: San Jose, Costa Rica

About EOS

EOS Mainnet is the main blockchain that uses the EOSIO protocol which is governed by the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. It includes elections for EOS token holders (the currency of the network for on-chain staking and governance) where the 21 block producers with the most votes are in charge of verifying transactions and running the network. EOS offers high scalability and a record high throughput of over 4,000 transactions per second.
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