Introducing Eden Spend Explorer - Treasury management on Eden DAO

Jan 31, 2023 · 4 min read

Leonardo Calderon Ureña

Leonardo Calderon Ureña

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Introducing Eden Spend Explorer

Introducing Eden Spend Explorer - Treasury management on Eden DAO

EOS Spend Explorer

EOS Spend Explorer is a data collection and visualization mechanism that provides insightful information about the allocation of funds of EOS communities. This MVP focuses as a first use case on Eden Community Treasury.

How does it add value to the Eden and EOS Communities?

EOS Spend Explorer provides a tool for Genesis Eden community Delegates to categorize the funds obtained from the election. These funds are allocated monthly to finance ideas and projects for the benefit of the EOS community.

Taking advantage of the data

EOS Spend Explorer provides users with a visual representation of the flow of EOS tokens on the Eden DAO. This representation is typically in the form of a graph or chart showing EOS tokens' movement over the elections. The graph and charts show the total amount of tokens allocated from the elections and the tokens transferred to and from specific delegate accounts.

User role access

These are the allowed actions that the two types of end-users can perform within the dApp, defined below.

How to view and understand the data?

Positioned in the Income and Expenses sections, we can visualize two initial graphs reflecting three bars. Each one takes the information from a past election and shows the number of EOS tokens claimed/unclaimed or categorized/uncategorized and the total, respectively. Users can visualize the data as EOS or USD based on the average token price of the day the transaction took place.

Expense and Income Graphics

  • Users can also view pie charts focused on each delegate. Each fragment has the amount of EOS and a percentage of the total

Pie Graphics

Delegate section

There’s another valuable section where users can view the rewards on each delegate’s account from the current and past elections. The information displayed is the same as the expenses and income charts.

Delegate Section

How to categorie past transactions

There are two ways to separate transactions:

For previous token transfers, guests and delegates can take advantage of the filter above the graphs. It allows quickly locating token transfers through a series of filters. For example, by selecting "By one election" from the drop-down menu, you can limit the records to those related to a specific Eden election.

You may also filter by columns by clicking on the title at the top of the table. There are different filter values to be chosen for each field.

Categorize Transaction

How to cathegorize the Spend-Tool

The spend tool allows users to create new token transfers that already include the necessary metadata for the Spend Explorer to have in the reports. All the data seen in data visualizations come from this historical record. Delegates are encouraged to use the tool, as it helps to categorize new transactions as they happen. The function is only available if you’re a Delegate.

Spend Tools


  1. Connect wallet (supports Anchor).
  2. Sign the permission to connect your wallet to the Spend-tool.
  3. You will be able to see this screen with the current balance of your Eden account.
  4. You’re ready to send tokens and categorize them depending on the specific memo.
  5. Click on the “Transfer EOS” button.

What happens when I make an external transaction, and it’s not categorized?

Delegates are encouraged to use the Spend Explorer’s spend tool; it’s the easiest way to assign a category and description for using funds. However, do not worry if you forget it.

Below the spend-tool, there’s the token history chart, and delegates can use the Append function to categorize past transactions.

Spend Tools

Developed by Edenia with resources from Pomelo and support from Genesis Eden. You can check Github repo here.

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