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Our company was born with the internet – now we aim to transform it.

Our way to do it

Edenia is divided into three operating brands.

EOS Costa Rica consolidates a community of developers creating open-source software, enterprise solutions, infrastructure tooling, and developer training leveraging the EOSIO protocol and other blockchain tech stack. Some of our projects include LACChain EOSIO, EOS Rate, and EOSIO Dashboard. Go to website.
Costa Rica Servers manages bare metal eco-efficient servers from our datacenter in San José, Costa Rica, to offer colocation, web hosting, and network configuring services with 24/7 monitoring and uptime. Costa Rica’s strategic location connects three submarine fiber option cables. Learn more.
We ideate, design, and develop top-grade innovative web3 solutions and applications using the latest stack in industry 4.0 technologies. If you’re still figuring out how to leverage web3, get to know Edenia Labs.

Get to know us

Edenia, initially founded in 1987, has been steering its wheel towards the most innovative technologies day-by-day. During the 80s, we launched the first BBS (bulletin board service) in the country, a precursor to the internet. Later on, the company shifted to educating new users on using the email and browsing the web! Then, we started offering internet infrastructure, hosting, and development services.
In 2013, we began providing infrastructure for public blockchain networks and learned first-hand how blockchains work. Then, in 2018 when the EOSIO protocol was launched, we investigated the advantages of this technology and started learning how to deploy it in the real world. Now, we’re aiming to transform web3.
We move fast and learn even faster–always keeping up to date with the newest tech stacks available. Get in touch with us and let’s start building together.
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How we add value to web3

Years of experience working on the internet

Years of experience working on the internet

We take in decades of experience developing innovative solutions and have been working with blockchain networks since 2013. We understand how distributed networks operate, give value to the users, and are trusted by our clients.

Engagement with the communities

Engagement with the communities

We keep communities lively with updates and announcements, and engage actively with stakeholders by joining important conversations and forums. We also develop open-source dApps to help grow the ecosystem of each network.

Understanding governance models in blockchains

Understanding governance models in blockchains

We actively participate in the decentralized networks we are block producers or run nodes, and engage with governance models when available. Also, we encourage transparency and accountability in such networks.

We focus on delivering value to the users

We focus on delivering value to the users

We have experience working with global firms and open-source projects that seek web3 solutions. We focus on the final user and aim to give them value through UX and seamless integrations to their systems.

Success stories


Smart EIR

Blockchain-based logistics platform
Equipment interchange operations worldwide are usually manual and ineffecient processes. Smart EIR leverages the power of EOSIO blockchain technology and image recognition to offer a platform that digitizes cargo receipts, provides a secure and reliable way to register a photo archive of the condition of containers, whilst helping depots save time and money.

Evodex - DeFi dApp

User-focused decentralized exchange.
Evodex is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on EOS where users decide the pool fees and pay zero gas fees. Our team was in charge of developing and designing the front-end and web interface, while the smart contract was created by EOS Argentina.

Affiliate program

Earn XPR for referring users to the wallet.
Proton is the payments blockchain - programmable money that works that uses a system of human-readable verified @names to approve transactions, receive funds, and ensure the ecosystem stays people-friendly. We developed an affiliate program for their wallet that allows users to earn on-chain rewards when referring other users.

Game X Change - WAX integration

Enabling trading and storing of NFTs cross-blockchain.
Game X Change offers gamers a service to safely move assets such as virtual cash and NFTs between platforms, games, or blockchains. We worked together with their team to integrate their platform into the WAX blockchain – enabling cross-blockchain transfer of NFTs and digital assets.

Our tech stack

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Management Team

Rodrigo Fernández

Founder, Chairman & Chief Strategist

I believe in fostering truth and transparency to pursue individual freedom.

Edgar Fernández

Co-founder & Finance and Enterprise

I thrive on developing the entrepreneurial spirit and using tech to create decentralized networks.

Xavier Fernández

Co-founder & Tech Lead

Blockchain technology helps promote trust among stakeholders through transparency and decentralization.

Marketing & Sales

Johanna Yee

Art Director & Brand Manager

I believe that creativity and innovation are indispensable to propose efficient and disruptive solutions.

Luis Diego Rojas

Communications and Content Strategist

I believe that communicating new techs plays a crucial role in widespread adoption.

Leonardo Calderón

Bussines Analyst

I'm multitask - oustanding professional who is trying to lead changelles everyday, enjoying Web3.

Development and Design

Adriel Diaz

Full Stack Developer

Proud father and full stack developer

Angelo Castro

Jr Full Stack Developer

I’m ready to develop innovative ideas and face new challenges.

Jorge Murillo

Sr. UX Designer

Understanding the people's needs is crucial to create user interfaces for hi-tech apps and mediate among users, designers, and developers.

Leister Álvarez

Jr Backend Developer

Programming reflects who we are; let's do something awesome.

Terencio Gómez

Full Stack Developer

Keeping a happy team will most likely guarantee a successful final result.

Infrastructure and Networking

Allan Salazar

Network Engineer

Andrés Gomez

Cybersecurity Developer

I envision and work for a more secure, private, and decentralized world.

Ronald Gallo

Network Administrator

Victor Julio Madrigal

Web Developer

What I like the most is to develop innovative projects that move forward with the newest technologies.

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